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Renegade Craft Fair




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It’s been a long time I needed/wanted to start a new blog again… You have been asking a lot about my last adventures with www.godblessamerica.fr and as you may know the blog has been shut down in 2012 after the CaliforniaVintage Tour due to a technical mistake. I was so disappointed and sad about this huge amount of lost work that it was hard for me to start all over again: but here I am! I am really happy to share my thoughts and adventures with you again. These last months have been an amazing journey for me and Matthieu as we decided to start a new life when we turned 30. We moved to Los Angeles on February 1st this year. I will post « flash back » articles to share my past experiences with you. I am not sure if I will write this blog in french or english yet, but I can translate some of my articles in both languages if needed…

Today as a sunday ritual (we love to hunt for fairs & flea markets), we were really happy to discover The Renegade Craft Fair (RCF): a curated indie-craft marketplace showcasing the brightest talents in contemporary craft and design. As you may know, part of my work is to hunt for talented emerging designers. I found some amazing ones today! I will talk about them soon :)

HELLO. My name is Emmanuelle, I am a french Creative Director, Fashion Promoter and owner of GOD BLESS AMERICA & LE FRENCHLAB. I am in love with an amazing artist named Matthieu (Captain Chaos). We decided to start a new life when we turned 30. We moved to Los Angeles, California. This is our pursuit of happiness...



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